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United States: Port delays could make season challenging

Imports of blueberries slowed in the USA
Imports of blueberries slowed in the USA

The supply of blueberries in North America is smaller than normal, largely due to logistical problems. Most of the blueberries come from Chile, which started shipping at the beginning of the year. These mainly go to the East Coast. Mexican blueberries mainly end up on the West Coast. Chile is currently short of labor for the harvest. Moreover, Peru finished earlier than expected, and there are currently significant delays in the port of Los Angeles. Loads are sometimes delayed by a few days. The volumes are still available on the market. An importer on the East coast is partly concerned about these developments, because the volumes that are actually intended for the West Coast could end up on the East Coast, in turn generating more competition and an increase in the supply.

The demand on the market is stable at the moment, but the supply is increasingly smaller. Consumers are also showing more interest in larger packaging formats. Over the past two weeks, the price has continued to increase, which is good for the growers in Mexico and Chile. The Chilean supply should continue to be at its peak until March.

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