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Two varieties of strawberries give the advantage to an Italian producer.

Deux varieties of strawberries changed the game.
Deux varieties of strawberries changed the game.

The limited presence of Spanish strawberries on the shelves of Italian supermarkets is mainly due to both a reduced area planted for the 2021 season and weather conditions that occurred in recent weeks. The shortage is compensated by strawberries from Basilicata and Campania, particularly those of Piana del Sele and Caserta.

Quite early in the season, the large chains had replaced the Spanish strawberries with those from Campania. This occurred because many growers from Campania turned to Nova Siri Genetics and started working with varieties such as Melissa, Marimball and Gioelita. These varieties guarantee earliness and excellent yields right from the beginning of the campaign, as well as a longer shelf life and a extended season.

In this regard, two growers from Campania were interviewed.

"We are experiencing a positive year, because the Spanish strawberries are barely present. This is an optimal season for us, not only in terms of quality, but also in terms of quantity. I have 22 hectares with Marimbella and Melissa and with these varieties I already achieved excellent results in mid-January. With other varieties, this is only possible in February," said Francesco Truono of the company of the same name located in the province of Salerno.

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