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The UK will impose tariffs on berries if a trade deal isn't reached

Raspberries, strawberries: victims of the tariffs war?
Berries: new post-Brexit Tariffs?

The Union of Farmers and Ranchers Unions expressed its concern about the United Kingdom's intent to impose tariffs on community agricultural food products if it does not reach a trade agreement with the European bloc. They also urged the State Government to press the EU to quickly sign a preferential agreement to prevent this. In their statement, the organization highlighted that agri-food trade with the United Kingdom is key for the Spanish agricultural sector. It accounts for 8% of all agricultural food exports and a positive balance for Spain of more than 2,900 million euro, according to the latest MAPA report. The most exported fruits and vegetables to the United Kingdom are berries, kiwi, and persimmon (8%), citrus (7%), and vegetables (6%), so the planned tariffs could be a serious blow to producers. According to the UK Government, mandarins and clementines could be taxed with a 16% tariff, oranges with a 3.2% to 10% tariff, and lemons by up to 6 %. Meanwhile, strawberries could have a 12.8% tariff and raspberries an 8.8% tariff. Source:

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