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Styrian apple farmers told to produce berries

Updated: Jun 17, 2020

The developments on the international apple market are causing problems for Styrian apple farmers. The situation seems to be difficult in the longer term, so experts advise apple growers to rely on berry production. The Styrian apple farmers are having problems trying to sell their harvest of the previous year; storages are still one third full, just a few weeks before the new harvest. The reasons are problems with the export, according to informed

"One should not just push apples out further, but should start relying on new cultures to respond to the market, that is, growers should invest more in soft fruits, from raspberries to blueberries to melon production, which is possible in this region as well," said Eva-Maria Gantar of the industry association for fruit and vegetables.

Consumers buy one-third less apples In Austria and the European Union, fewer and fewer apples were bought, she said. "Consumer demand for apples has decreased by about a third over the last decade."


Berries is the new gold of Austria?
Styrian apple farmers told to produce berries

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