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Strawberry auction prices show it's almost Valentine's

"Lovely" strawberry from Hoogstraten :
"Lovely" strawberry from Hoogstraten :

“It's Valentine's Day on Sunday. That shows in this week's strawberry auction prices," says Marcel Biemans of Coöperatie Hoogstraten in Belgium. "On Wednesday, the nicest strawberries went for around €8/tray. These high prices are a result of two things. Good demand, and the lower quality of the Spanish strawberries that are currently on the market." This year, the cooperative's farmers' winter strawberry acreage grew by 60%. So, Hoogstraten has extra supplies this season. "Nevertheless, it's still only a fraction of the volumes we sell in the high season. Winter strawberries are a true niche product. Don't forget the growers' costs either. They get good prices for their strawberries now, but cost prices are higher as well."

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