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Rungis market picking up pace as restaurants reopen

Crédit: Photo: Myrabella / Wikimedia Commons / CC BY-SA 3.0
Crédit: Photo: Myrabella. Vegetables and fruits at Rungis

The MIN market of Rungis is buzzing with activity. Since the beginning of the week, restaurant owners

have been crowding the market aisles, following the reopening of restaurants. The 1,200 wholesalers are now ready. The objective is to be able to deliver to the restaurants on time.

According to Yoni Cohen, distributor of fruit and vegetables for whom restaurants represent more than 50% of his revenue, “everyone is smiling, from our producers to our delivery drivers and to the clients who can now eat out again. We’re back to our pre-covid normal. It’s great, we did not expect this so soon.” On the Rungis market, there was already an increase in activity with the reopening of terraces on May 19th. “Since the 7th of June, the number of customers has increased by 30%,” explains Yoni Cohen. Discover the FranceTVInfo report:

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