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Republic of Georgia expects to harvest 80 tonnes of blueberries this year

Georgia is expecting to harvest about 80 tonnes of blueberries this year, the nation's Ministry of Agriculture has announced. Blueberry plantations located in Georgia’s Guria region have expanded by 16 ha with state support, now covering 225 ha of land. Within the United Agro Project, the company Blueberry received 100,000 GEL (€29,000) in funding for the cultivation of a blueberry plantation, including a drip irrigation system. “State projects significantly support the revival of berries. As of today the price of blueberries vary at 13-15 GEL (€3.77-4.35) which is quite a high income source for the producer. Demand for berries is high on domestic as well as export markets. In three years berries will become a calling card for Guria," said deputy Minister of Agriculture Solomon Pavliashvili. In total, some 150 people will likely be employed during the blueberry harvest. Source:

A bunch of blueberries
Blueberries production increase in Georgia

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