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Raspberry prices on the rise in Ukraine, despite good harvest

Raspberries: the new rose gold?
Raspberries: the new rose gold?

EastFruit analysts say that there are several reasons for the increase in raspberry prices. It is firstly a result of the cold spring and rainy summer, which caused the season to start with a delay. In addition, unfavorable weather conditions took a toll on the quality of the berries, so the producers able to offer products of the highest quality are managing to keep prices at a fairly high level.

Also worth noting are the significant yield losses affecting almost all berry and stone fruit crops. Since the supply of many berries and fruits is very limited this season and there is a good demand for raspberries, traders can keep prices up.

Another reason for the high prices for raspberries is the increase in the demand for this berry on the part of freezing companies, which have significantly increased their capacity in recent years. Moreover, as a result of the unsuccessful 2017 and 2018 seasons, many growers have completely abandoned the cultivation of raspberries. Consequently, the prices of the last 2 seasons have been shaped not only by the increase in the demand for raspberries, but also by the reduction in the supply.

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