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Protective packaging for small fruits and more

A solution to protect blueberries.
A solution to protect blueberries.

Intensive productions require particular attention to safeguard them, especially if we are talking about small fruits such as blueberries. Packaging is essential as, if unsuitable, it can compromise product conservation during transport. Smartpac is one of the best solutions available on the market - the technology was developed in Quimas (Chile) and it extends the life of blueberries by preventing the development of molds and reducing dehydration. "After SmartPac's success for the post-harvesting conservation of table grapes, we have now focused on blueberries, obtaining excellent results. When applied to packaging, this technology can generate a uniform sulphur dioxide (SO2) environment to improve shelf-life during transport or keep fruits on pallets in refrigerated units for up to 20 days," explains Stefano Borracci, sales manager at Serroplast. SmartPac protects and is fully recyclable Serroplast is the exclusive distributor of SmartPac for Europe and has become a leader when it comes to table grapes. According to the company, SmartPac is used by producers and packagers in Chile and South America for transporting blueberries in containers and trucks.

New market developer Giuseppe Borracci explains that "SmartPac is a plastic film that contains sodium metabisulfite (MBS) as an active ingredient. The multi-layer technology enables humidity to circulate through the layers and activate the MBS, releasing sulphur dioxide homogeneously. SmartPack bags for crates (30x40 and 40x60), sheets for crates, plastic films to be placed on cardboards and releasing SO2, pallet sheets and SmartPac WRAP are the main products for blueberries."

"Ever since it was first launched, SmartPac registered an increasing interest all over Europe. Some companies in Spain, Italy and the UK use it for truck shipments throughout Europe to avoid complaints upon arrival or to store surplus quantities in refrigerated units for up to 30 days maintaining quality unaltered. SmartPac also improves the shelf-life in supermarkets."

Serroplast has also developed a new anti-rain and anti-hail cover for blueberries and small fruits. The film creates a microclimate inside the cover that improves grades and yields while saving water and reducing the need for pesticides.

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