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Peruvian frozen strawberry exports : shipments grew by 23.2% in volume and by 27.7% in value

Peruvian frozen strawberry exports registered a considerable increase in 2020 over the previous year. The country exported 19,957,374 kilos worth 38,123,974 dollars which is 23.2% more volume and 27.7% more value than in the previous year, according to data presented by the president of the Inform@cción consulting firm, Fernando Cilloniz Benavides.

The main destination for Peru's frozen strawberries in 2020 was North America, with 17,572,760 kilos worth $ 33,409,546, accounting for 88% of the total volume shipped and 87.6% of the total value. It was followed by Asia, with 1,462,197 kilos and 3,023,253 dollars; Latin America, with 602,775 kilos and 1,070,677 dollars; Europe, with 312,631 kilos and 608,907 dollars, and Oceania, with 7,009 kilos and 11,589 dollars.

During the first quarter of 2021, Peru exported 6,163,167 kilos of frozen strawberries for $ 11,998,244. "2021 has started strong and we hope it continues like this all year," Cilloniz said.

Peruvian frozen strawberry exports increased in 2020.
Peruvian frozen strawberry exports increased in 2020.

The main destinations during the first three months of this year were: North America, with 4,910,063 kilos and $ 9,433,871; Asia, with 937,345 kilos and 1,980,057 dollars; Latin America, with 232,355 kilos and 434,343 dollars; Oceania, with 57,001 kilos and 102,170 dollars, and Europe, with 26,401 kilos and 47,801 dollars. Source:

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