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On the lookout for inexpensive Estonian strawberries

Updated: Jun 17, 2020

Last week, Estonian MP Jaak Madison said that the domestic strawberry situation was good, claiming he had seen Estonian-grown strawberries for sale at Tallinn produce markets for €4-5 per kilogram just a few days prior.

At Tallinn Central Market, outside the property, in front of the gates, people are selling Greek and Polish strawberries. The former cost €2.80 per kilogram; the latter, €4.50. Some sellers are employing dishonest practices, displaying prices for just half a kilo (€1.45 and €1.90), which is prohibited by law. No Estonian strawberries here, however.

One seller at the Central Market ignored the requirement to display price per kilogram, opting to display price per 500 grams instead. Prices at Baltic Station Market are likewise higher than at the Central Market, but not significantly. Goods at the outdoor market, however, are more expensive than indoors. Greek strawberries are available for €3.50-3.90, while Polish strawberries being sold alongside them range from €4.50-5.94. It is at the second stall that we luck out finding Estonian strawberries at the market!

The full article can be read here :

Strawberries on display at a market.
Inexpensive Estonian strawberries?

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