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Oceania: brief situation of the blueberry market.

The increasing market of the blueberries in Oceania.
The increasing market of the blueberries in Oceania.

Australia: Peak sales The blueberry season in Australia is currently in full swing and prices in stores have increased. Last year, 19,000 tons of blueberries were grown; an increase of 13% in terms of volume. The value increased by 10% to AUD 338.7 million (Euro 212.7 million).

New Zealand: Increasing consumption of blueberries Statistics published in December showed that New Zealanders consumed a record 8 million cups of blueberries worth more than NZD 30 million (17.6 million Euro) last season. That's an increase of 1.1 million punnets (+15.2%). The trade association of blueberry growers in New Zealand expects sales to increase even further this summer due to the corona crisis. 60% of the blueberries are exported to Australia and Asia.

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