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Malaysia: Sarawak poised to export strawberries & vegetables to Japan

Updated: Jun 17, 2020

Sarawak is set to export strawberries and other types of vegetables to Japan and some other states in the country following the signing of a collaboration agreement between Borneo Highlands Resort and Natural Green Life Farm. The agreement, which was signed here on June 28th, involves training on modern organic farming technology that will be provided by Natural Green Life Farm to Borneo Highlands Resort.

Borneo Highlands Resort in a statement today said the resort was in the midst of discussions with the Japanese government to recruit retired Japanese farmers to train locals on farming skills: “The training will take four to six months to complete and will kick start in July 2019. The resort is set to grow 40,000 strawberries with RM10 million allocated for this purpose.”

With suitable temperatures of around 16 to 24oCelsius, Borneo Highlands Resort is one of the best locations in the country to plant strawberries (Japanese species) and other vegetables such as tomatoes, corn, grapes and lavender on 400-440 hectares of available land.

The idea of having the retired Japanese farmers is also to promote the retirement living in Borneo Highlands for them. The signing ceremony was witnessed by Puncak Borneo Member of Parliament, Willie Mongin and group chief executive officer of Country Heights Holdings Bhd, Datuk KT Low.

Sarawak poised to export strawberries & vegetables to Japan

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