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Majority of Dutch panel don't want strawberries during winter

Strawberries are no longer appreciated during the winter.
Strawberries are no longer appreciated during the winter.

Dutch supermarkets should stop offering strawberries in the winter. So no imports and no strawberries from the greenhouse. That's what 86 percent of a Radar test panel with 2500 participants thinks. The consumer TV program posed the question: "Should Dutch supermarkets also stop offering imported and greenhouse strawberries in the winter?" The participants in the poll mainly cited sustainability as the reason for their answer, but also the taste, freshness, price and the support of the local market. With their fairly unambiguous opinion, the panel is in line with a move by the French supermarket chain Carrefour, which decided to stop offering fresh strawberries in the winter. Incidentally, an act that the director certainly does not intend to be 'moralising'.

Crop protection Incidentally, there are also those among the respondents who only reject the imported strawberry. This is partly due to an alleged higher crop protection residue or 'poison'. NVWA figures confirm this, Radar writes, with the results. "The figures show that products from the Netherlands have the least chance of exceeding the permitted values. There has been no significant difference in recent years with products from elsewhere within the EU. Products from outside the EU are more often found to be exceeded." Nefyto was also asked about it. According to Nefyto, whether a product is in season does not matter for pesticides, because you simulate the season in a greenhouse. Still, many respondents think it's important when it comes to flavour, Radar noted.

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