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Latin American berry companies look to Morocco

Morocco could become an ideal region for Latin American berry producers because it has 9,000 hectares to cultivate berries and a very mild climate that allows producing them from mid-September to mid-June. In addition, the country's openness to the exterior and its privileged geographical location position it as a gateway to Africa, stated Said Bahajin, Chile's commercial director in Morocco.

"Morocco has signed several agreements with different Arab countries and a free trade agreement with the United Arab Emirates, which makes it an important hub for the markets of the Arab countries of North Africa and the Menasa region."

The Menasa region is an area that comprises about twenty countries in North Africa and South Asia, which extends linearly to India, bordering China and the rest of Asia. "Covering this area is of strategic importance because, according to all analysts, those markets will be responsible for the growth in demand for blueberries in the near future," Said Bahajin said.

Investing in Morocco When you consider that agriculture accounts for 13% of the Moroccan economy and it encompasses 40% of its population, and take into account the country's geographical, climatic, and logistical potentialities, as well as the great facilities it offers for investment, it is possible to promote a Great plan for Chilean and Latin American companies to invest in that country.

"Morocco has signed trade agreements with 56 countries that give it access to a potential market of more than 1 billion consumers, which undoubtedly offers significant business opportunities," stated the commercial director. “According to the 'COVID-19 health crisis: flashes of hope at the end of the tunnel' report, published by Attijari Global Research, from the research center of Attijariwafa, one of the main banks in Morocco, agriculture will be one of the sectors that will be strengthened after the current crisis of COVID-19,” he added. Thus, he said, it would be positive to support agricultural companies to invest in this destination.

Morocco's exports reach more than 40 countries. Its main destination is Europe, where it ships 98% of its strawberries, 99% of its raspberries, and 89% of its blueberries. The Moroccan industry has had a steady increase in terms of exports, especially in blueberries and raspberries.

Berries from Morocco
Berries from Morocco

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