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Dutch blueberry sorter sends juice to Asia for the first time

Updated: Jun 17, 2020

"abbGrowers sorts and packages blueberries and has many international contacts. We cultivate blueberries too. We are also the only grower in the Netherlands that makes its own blueberry juice - b-berry juice," says Suzanne Douven.

Delicious blueberry juice
Dutch blueberry juice

Suzanne Douven is the b-berry marketing and research specialist at abbGrowers. “Our first delivery of this 100% pure blueberry juice has just been successfully received by a client in Taiwan."

Once the blueberries have been harvested, they are taken to abbGrowers' packaging warehouse and sorted. Here, innovative machines are used to distinguish between the blueberries' various quality aspects. These aspects include their ripeness, color, and size. Very few blueberries are wasted. This is because almost all the fruits are usable, thanks to this sorting process. In this, some blueberries are selected to be processed into juice or jam..

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