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Good year for Marisol strawberries

Updated: Jun 17, 2020

"The commercialization of strawberries ended a few years ago, so it is time to make a first assessment on the campaign. We can confirm the 650 g/plant for the Marisol variety, with an average sales price of €2.62/kg (compared to the €1.95/kg of 2019) during the whole harvesting period, i.e. between February and May," explains Domenico Martino, partner of Leuzzi Lucia in Scanzano Jonico (Matera).

"Quotations peaked around Easter time, reaching €6-6.20/kg. Between late April and early May, sales prices reached €3.50/kg. The lowest price was registered durng the second week of March (€1.10/kg) and it was caused by the pandemic."

"The last few days of commercialization were characterized by quotations between €2-2.20/kg, an excellent result that enabled us to end the campaign on a positive note. This was definitely a good year from all points of view. We will confirm the same crops for 2021 (200 thousand plants) for the Marisol variety, but we are still considering what to do with the Fortuna variety due to the problems we encountered finding labor while the other cultivars were in full production."

Source : freshplazza.

Strawberry field for ever.
Good year for Marisol Strawberries.

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