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Dutch soft fruit season starts at The Greenery

Photo credit. The Greenery Growers. Exquisite pink packaging.
Photo credit. The Greenery Growers. Exquisite pink packaging.

This week, Dutch soft fruit sales have gotten well underway again at The Greenery. The Greenery Growers' farmers have begun harvesting their new crops. Greenhouse strawberry harvesting is already in full swing. And this week, their Dutch raspberry and blackberry growers are joining in. The greenhouse raspberry season begins with the Lagorai variety. This raspberry excels in flavor and shelf life. It dominates the market until the end of July. Then the Nobility autumn raspberry comes into production. This variety's also selected for its excellent flavor and shelf life. The Dutch raspberry season lasts until November. When it comes to blackberries, the Lochness remains the primary variety. During the summer, the Chester supplements it. There are many new developments around blackberry varieties. These will come into production in the coming years. The red currant season usually starts with the greenhouse Junifer variety. That's in about week 20. Tunnel and open field cultivation follow quickly. The still fairly new Haronia variety will be available in limited volumes from after mid-June. The Haronia has a distinctively good flavor. The Rovada harvest starts in late June. These will be available from storage cells until well into 2022. Dutch blueberries will be available from the end of May. The season begins with greenhouse products. The supply then flows over to the Dutch outdoor cultivation. By using different, tasty varieties, that continues until October.

Varieties' program The Greenery is always trying to improve their soft fruit quality. They do so via their varieties' program. They have an agronomist and collaborate closely with breeding companies. So, they can increasingly make the difference apparent in stores. The varieties are selected for their growth characteristics, flavor, and shelf life. Independent consumer research shows that consumers love The Greenery's new varieties. "We chose the correct varieties. But quality is also a vital marketing factor. It's crucial that the soft fruit's quality meets people's expectations. Then they'll eat more of it. Thanks to our chain quality approach, we can meet these expectations. Together with our growers, we supply beautiful and, above all, delicious products. That will boost sales," says a representative from The Greenery.

Sales The Greenery has the standard auction supply and sales to retailers. But now, you can also purchase products via their webshop, 24/7. It's just as easy as going through the existing sales channels. The webshop lets buyers quickly see what's available. They can view this and make direct purchases. For more information: Aad van Dijk The Greenery Growers Tel: +31 (0) 650 214 808 Email:

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