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An award-winning goji berry jam

Updated: Jun 17, 2020

Campagna Magna (Italy) is the only company in Marche to produce goji berries, used to make a jam available in 200 gr jars. 

Goji. A so helthy berry.
Award-winning goji berry jam

Goji berries are energetic healthy berries that, weather permitting, are harvested in July-August. "It has not been raining for months and the drought is making itself felt. Weather changes are having a devastating effect on agriculture."

Goji berry jam is the brand's leading product and it won the Oscar Green 2018 award in the innovative product category.

Goji berries come from a shrub part of the Solanaceae family and its scientific name is Lycium Barbarum. It is a perennial deciduous plant that blossoms between June and September. The small delicate fruits are harvested by hand.  

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