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China: the production of blueberries is growing!

the production of blueberries is growing!
The production of blueberries is growing in China

The quality at the beginning of the Chilean blueberry season was not that good. With the growth of the market, more and more exporters see potential in the Chinese market and are starting to enter it. But some new exporters are not familiar with the trends in the Chinese market and don't know what kind of fruit the local customers want. Some ship products of unsuitable quality en masse. The purchasing power to buy expensive imported fruit is generally lower due to the coronavirus. Sales this year are not going as well as in previous years, partly because of the fear to viruses.

Although the volume of China's blueberry imports is growing rapidly every year, the number of blueberry greenhouses in Yunnan is growing just as fast. Domestic companies have a huge advantage when it comes to blueberry planting and total production volumes. There is huge market potential in the blueberry sector. A growing number of international companies have invested in Chinese blueberry growers. This is putting enormous pressure on the blueberry market.

Southern highbush varieties have been present since 2018. More than 80% of the newly planted areas in greenhouses in northern production areas are of such varieties, and more than 60% of the production in the unheated greenhouses of Shandong is of southern highbush varieties. The O'Neill", "Misti", "Legosi", "Emerald" and "Jewelry" have become the dominant blueberry varieties south of the Yangtze River.

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