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Chilean blueberry export peak weeks end

Has Chilean blueberry peaked?
Has Chilean blueberry peaked?

According to the latest Crop Report of the Chilean Blueberry Committee-ASOEX, export volumes decreased during week 5 of 2021, reaching 5,996 tons, marking the end of Chile's peak weeks. The volumes from the south-central zone, mainly from the Maule region, decreased during week 5 because of the rains in week 4. The southern zone is contributing the highest export volumes, although it is already showing a decreasing trend. However, the report highlights that shipments in week 05 were higher than in the same week of last season and that the accumulated export volume, 104,724 tons, is 4.9% higher than in the 2019/20 campaign. North America has received 51% of the volume exported, Europe 31%, and the Far East 11%.

Organic Blueberries The organic blueberry export peak has also ended. During week 5, the country exported 1,465 tons of organic blueberries, and an accumulated total of 17,706 tons, i.e. 25% more than in the previous year. 77% of organic blueberry shipments have been destined for the North American market and 23% for Europe. Source:

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