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CarSol anticipates positive blueberry season Chile

General manager of CarSol Fruit SA, Álvaro Prieto, is expecting a positive blueberry season. He highlighted that -so far- better yields have been observed than last season. There is also optimism about the Asian market and better prices in the US this month.

The blueberry harvest in Ñuble began in December and will run through March. There are 4.023 hectares in the region, which represents 21,9% of the national total. According to the manager of CarSol -the third largest exporter of blueberries in Chile in the 2019-2020 season-, ‘We have seen better yields than last season, associated with good sizes of our fruit. This is associated with a strong push from the technological package applied in fertigation, pruning, weed control, etc.’. also quoted Prieto as saying: “In Asia, we see a market in constant growth, where demand has grown based on supply (thinking of Peru) and we see the Chilean season with good eyes. We must focus on meeting the needs and characteristics of each of the countries to which we embark. Asia is the market with the greatest growth potential for Chile.” As for Europe, he affirmed that “it is a more mature market and focused practically entirely on supermarkets. Quality is key here, this is a market that rewards good quality, but punishes bad arrivals a lot ”.

Blueberries. The blue gold and the king of berries.
Blueberries. The blue gold and the king of berries.

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