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California weather brings tight strawberry supplies this Valentine’s Day

California Giant Berry Farms..
California Giant Berry Farms.

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and that means that consumers are looking for strawberries. “Valentine’s Day presents a great opportunity to create recipe displays and merchandise with complimentary items such as chocolate dipping kits, sparkling cider or champagne, and flowers” says Kyla Oberman of California Giant Berry Farms. “It is a natural promotional opportunity for fresh strawberries,” adds Alan Ediger, Vice President of Sales at California Giant Berry Farms. “Historically, it’s been one of the most promoted holidays during the year for strawberries.” Tight supplies this Valentine’s Day This year, supplies will be a bit tight – though volumes are expected to increase at the start of next month. In addition to the Santa Maria and Oxnard regions in California, Florida and Mexico are also in production for strawberries right now. “Mexico strawberry fields have been in full production since late October. While the season is still ongoing, it will wrap up by the end of March,” says Oberman. Regarding the domestic production, she shares: “Overall supply of strawberries is tight due to the recent weather events in the Oxnard and Santa Maria growing areas, in addition to Florida experiencing below normal temperatures for this time of the year.”

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