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Black raspberry harvest finishing up in Oregon

Updated: Jun 17, 2020

Raspberries. End of the story in Oregon.
Oregon: bad news for raspberries.

In Oregon, the short season for the Black raspberry is about to come to a close. The Black raspberry harvest only goes for about three weeks and Oregon growers say the Willamette Valley region is one of the only locations the berries are grown commercially in the United States. Jeff Malensky of Oregon Berry Packing, described the berry as a unique, niche item that is extremely sensitive - one of the reasons they are not cultivated on a broader scale.

"Black raspberries are more sensitive than a regular raspberry," he said. "They are extremely susceptible to weather and growing conditions. Any kind of heat minimizes the crop. Conversely, they are also sensitive to rain during the bloom time which would also diminish the crop."

However, Malensky said the end product is worth it. "What they do produce is incredible. Black raspberries are extremely high in antioxidants and other characteristics that are beneficial against certain diseases and cancers. At the same time, they have a wonderful tart-sweet flavor."

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