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Berries will be the stars of the next Macfrut

MacFrut will give pride of place to berries.
MacFrut will give pride of place to berries.

Macfrut 2021 (September 7th-9th in Rimini) will focus on berries on September 8th. Raspberries, blueberries and blackberries will be the protagonists of a convention held in Hall sud. The event is called the Italian Berry Day and is promoted by Ncx Drahorad and, in collaboration with Cesena Fiera. "Macfrut has always featured in-depth analyses and focuses on the main trends in the fresh produce world. For some time, there has been a renewed consumer interest for berries on an international level thanks to their beneficial properties combined with ease of use. There is plenty of room for growth, but there are also various problems: all of this will be discussed during the event," explains Renzo Piraccini, president of Cesena Fiera. The berry market is growing exponentially in Europe, so much so that the turnover has doubled in a decade, reaching approximately €2 billion. The growth in volume in Italy over the last year was estimated at 15-20%.

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