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Asturian blueberry producers join forces in a new association

Updated: Jun 17, 2020

Berry Blue World S.L. is a new association that brings together eleven producers of Asturian blueberries from the municipalities of Tineo, Grado, Oviedo, Villaviciosa, Nava and Salas, and through which they'll be able to market their blueberries without intermediaries.

The idea of ​​joining forces came in September 2018, after the "bad campaign" of the previous summer, caused by "weather issues and competition from the European market, especially from Eastern countries," says Rodrigo Llera, president of the company.

The entity has its headquarters in the Carrales industrial estate, in Caravia. One of the reasons for the choice of this location is the proximity of The Rustic Queen, a jam factory that also needs blueberries. "It helps save in shipping costs," says Llera.

In recent weeks, the partners of Berry Blue have been finalizing their new facilities, which are equipped with a calibrating and packaging machine that is "unique in the north of Spain." They also have a refrigerated room with two chambers, one for the organic line and another for the conventional.

During the summer, the partners expect to market more than seventy tons of blueberries. "We could reach a hundred tons; it will depend on the third parties that come to us," said Llera, who recalled that the project is still open to all Asturian growers. The idea for the long term is to reach even the neighboring regions.

For now, in this first campaign, Berry Blue blueberries will be distributed across Spain and various European countries, such as France, Germany and the United Kingdom. "The domestic blueberry market is still small, while the international market is more developed," he said.

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Blueberry new force in Spain.
Asturian blueberry producers together.

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