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Adelita: a raspberry variety in Mexico

Raspeberry: Adelita variety performs well in Mexico.
Raspeberry: Adelita variety performs well in Mexico.

Mexico’s raspberry season is in full swing and the season is expected to last through mid-July. In recent years, North Bay Produce and its partner-growers have put a lot of effort in transitioning from conventional to organic varieties and as a result, 30 percent of the company’s raspberry volume is now grown organically.

“We work with the Adelita variety that was developed in Spain by breeder Planasa,” says Ryan Lockman with North Bay. “It is a club variety that has good appearance, shelf-life, size, and flavor.” Adelita is well suited to Mexico’s climate and altitude. “As a result, we are able to grow a high flavor, organic raspberry.” The life span of the Adelita plant is only three years with the highest yield during the first year. In general, club varieties have become very common for raspberries and have been imperative to the growth of the category worldwide.

This year, demand for organic berries seems to continue its growing trend. “Each year, we see an increase for our organic products across the board and organic raspberries are no different. They are seeing incremental increases over last year,” commented Lockman.

The company’s raspberries are trucked immediately from the field to the Mascoutah warehouse in Illinois, just outside of St. Louis. “From there, we can deliver pretty much anywhere in the continental US within 24 hours or less,” he said. “Recent logistical issues have been challenging, but with our warehouses being centrally located in North America, we’ve been able to keep the issues to a minimum.” Author: Marieke Hemmes.

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